Motor Lubrication Issues –Proper Bearing Lubrication Procedures

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series on Lubrication Issues

A key aspect of plant maintenance is utilizing proper techniques for there-lubricating of bearings. This ensures a uniform distribution of lubricant and prevents adding too much grease or introduction of dirt and other contaminants.

These can all result in a significant reduction in bearing life.

Bearing Lubrication Procedure

  1.  Ensure the grease gun contains the appropriate lubricant. (See part 1 of this series “Not all Greases are Compatible”. If you don’t have the previous parts of the series and would like them send an e-mail to
  2. Clean the areas around the relief and fill fittings to ensure no contamination enters the motor
  3. Remove the grease relief valve or drain plug.
  4. Grease the bearing with a calculated amount of grease. (see Part 2 of this series, “How much and How Often”.)
  5. Slowly add grease to minimize excessive grease pressure buildup in the grease cavity. Grease guns can generate up to 15000 psi. This can damage seals, retainers, and other bearing components.
  6. Watch for grease coming out of the relief port. If excessive amounts of grease are pumped into the motor and the old, used grease is not being purged, stop and check for hardened grease blocking the relief passage.
  7. If greasing is performed with the motor out of service, run the motor until the bearing reaches operating temperature to allow for thermal expansion of the grease – approximately 2 hours. Ensure the relief valve or drain plug is left out during this process.
  8. Allow the motor to run at this temperature for a short time to expel any excess grease before installing the bottom grease relief valves.
  9. After excessive grease has been purged, reinstall the drain plug and clean excessive grease from the relief port area.

The In- House technical specialists at The Flolo Corporation have extensive knowledge of lubricants and their proper use as well as best relubrication practices. Additional information on motor bearings and lubrication is available and the subject is covered in more extensive detail in Classes available thru Flolo Tech. Please contact your sales representative for additional details.