Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

A properly installed motor and drive preventive and predictive maintenance program can prolong the operating life of motors and drives.


A series of readings are taken at the motor control center or motor disconnect that allow us to provide a thorough analysis of the motor health. Through these readings we are able to:

  • Detect an unbalanced condition that can damage the windings
  • Detect an unbalanced condition that may indicate poor connections
  • Detect poor connections or incorrect windings
  • Determine phase resistances
  • Indicate the proper angle between current and voltage or frequency
  • Determine the phase balance of the windings
  • Determine the insulation integrity of the windings
  • Thermal Imaging

Thermal Image of over-temp connection Infrared surveys provide early detection of failures in electrical and mechanical operations.  These surveys can be performed on all aspects of your electrical system your distribution system to equipment operated by electrical power.

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