Training & Development

 “Our two techs were very pleased with the

course and they have already

started to put the training into practice

within our organization.”

After an extended hiatus as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, Flolo tech has returned. The schedule is below. If you wish to register for any of these classes, you can do it through your sales rep or you can contact us at 630-422-4914 or e-mail

Schematic Reading – 2 Day

Course fee: $450 per person

Our two-day course is designed to develop a hands-on understanding of Electrical Schematics. The course will cover Electrical Components, Logic and Basic Electrical Circuits and their integration into more complex circuits. Utilizing training units designed by The FLOLO Systems Group students will gain a working knowledge of electrical circuits and how to troubleshoot malfunctions of components as well as improper system wiring.

  • Wednesday March 6th and Thursday March 7th

Basics of Motors and Drives – 1 Day

Course fee: $175 per person

This one-day, hands-on course will explore the operational characteristics of AC motors and Drives to provide a thorough understanding of the proper application of each. The course includes recommended installation and maintenance procedures to obtain maximum performance and longevity of these critical components.

  • Thursday February 15th

Deep Dive into VFDs – 1 Day

Course fee: $175 per person

O An in-depth dive into VFD’s including theory of operation, proper installation practices and recommended maintenance procedures. Included is a review of common VFD’s features and how to select and properly size VFD’s for different applications and operational conditions. Diagnosis of common drive failures, as well as connected motor failures are also covered. Included in the course is a “Hands-on” programming of a VFD and how a drive is integrated into a control system.

  • Thursday April 11th

Maximize your AC Induction Motor – 1 Day

Course fee: $175 per person

This course will help you obtain the longest, most efficient and cost-effective operation from three phase squirrel cage induction motors less than 500 HP. Included are in depth review of common motor failures and how to minimize their reoccurrence. Proper motor selection , relubrication and Installation practices are also covered.

  • Thursday May 2nd