HVAC Division

The Flolo HVAC “Motor Guys” have built a solid reputation to many contractors by providing services usually not found at other supply houses including: 

  • Troubleshooting of Motor and Motor Control issues.
  • Extensive cross reference listing of suitable replacements of not only motors but associated equipment such as Belts, Sheaves, Bearings and Fans.
  • Ability to recommend suitable Motor Control components such as Motor Starters, VFDs and Pressure controllers.

HVAC Motors

  • US Electric (Nidec)
  • Century
  • Fasco Motors
  • Packard Motors

Power Transmission Components

  • Optibelt
  • Fenner Drives Powertwist belts
  • Dodge Sheaves and Bearings

Circulating Pumps and Components

  • Bell & Gossett
  • Armstrong

Variable Frequency Drives

  • ABB
  • LS Electric