Flolo HVAC Group

What exactly is the Flolo HVAC Group? It’s a group dedicated to assisting HVAC service companies in providing the best in replacement parts for heating, ventilating, air conditioning units and refrigeEASA Graphic West Chicagoration units. We stock a large variety of replacement motors, blower wheels, fan blades and contactors.

 But that only scratches the surface of what our specialists can do for the HVAC contractor. The product knowledge of our specialists, Joe Jensen and Franklin Mitchell in West Chicago and Jim Janesku in Gurnee are second to none.

Both locations carry a large inventory of products that include draft inducer motors for heating units and condenser fan motors for air conditioners and commercial refrigeration units; blower wheels and fan blades; definite purpose contactors and variable frequency drives; circulating pumps and cooling tower motors; power transmission equipment including belts, pulleys, mounted bearings and gearboxes.

Repair services include replacement of seal and bearing assemblies in larger commercial Bell & Gossett and Taco pumps as well as a fully equipped test bench to test small motors and pump assemblies.

The Flolo HVAC Motor Guys are very familiar with all these products and have the capability to help find the proper replacement for all your HVAC and refrigeration requirements. Call Joe or Frank in West Chicago at (847) 695-4799 or Jim in Gurnee at (847) 672-2295.