Motor Bearing Current Issues

Solutions at the Drive and Motor cables Part 2 of 2 part series on Motor Bearing Current Failures As discussed in part 1, increasingly motors are operated on variable frequency drives. This often results in premature bearing failure due to bearing currents. These currents passing through the bearings can lead to damage in the form […]

Most Motors Do Not Operate at Optimum “Full Load Rating”

Electric induction motors very seldom operate at their optimum full load point creating costly energy inefficiencies. There are several reasons for this. Most motors are selected with a safety factor to ensure they do not become overloaded during normal operation. This ensures longevity since overloaded motors will operate above their full load current rating and generate […]

Prevent Downtime with Electrical Bearing Protection

In today’s energy conscious world more and more motors are being operated with variable frequency drives.  Drives provide large energy savings, reduced inrush current and precise speed control.  However, VFDs do have their drawbacks.  Chief among these drawbacks is electrical bearing damage caused by stray shaft currents.  This damage manifests itself in the form of […]

Industrial Training – New Classes Added!

In addition to our highly popular two-day Schematic Reading course, we have added two new one day courses. These courses offered are not sales presentations but solid training programs designed for service and maintenance personnel. Schematic Reading Our two-day course is designed to develop a hands-on understanding of Electrical Schematics. The course will cover Electrical […]