Proper Motor Repair

Can the original Motor Efficiency be maintained when it is rewound? A common misconception is that a rewound motor will lose efficiency during reprocessing. In fact, the efficiency of the motor after being rewound is totally dependent on the procedures followed during the rewind process. It is critical that proper procedures are followed! When properly processed, […]

Motor Life: What is a reasonable life expectancy and how do you optimize it.

Part 3 of a 3 part series on Motor Life Expectancy Many motors fail prematurely due to misapplication and this series will discuss ways to avoid these and optimize motor life. This avoids costly downtime and the expense of repair or replacement. In Part 3 we will examine how adverse operating conditions such as heat, […]

Motor Bearing Current Issues

Solutions at the Drive and Motor cables Part 2 of 2 part series on Motor Bearing Current Failures As discussed in part 1, increasingly motors are operated on variable frequency drives. This often results in premature bearing failure due to bearing currents. These currents passing through the bearings can lead to damage in the form […]


Electric motors are essentially the same worldwide in spite of the fact that they are governed by two different organizations. Motors in North America are governed by standards of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), while the rest of the world follows the standards created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). While the chart in […]

Most Motors Do Not Operate at Optimum “Full Load Rating”

Electric induction motors very seldom operate at their optimum full load point creating costly energy inefficiencies. There are several reasons for this. Most motors are selected with a safety factor to ensure they do not become overloaded during normal operation. This ensures longevity since overloaded motors will operate above their full load current rating and generate […]

Motor Monitoring Made Easy

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor converts traditional low voltage motors into smart, wirelessly connected devices. It enables you to monitor the health of your motors, optimize efficiency and improve reliability and safety. The smart sensor gateway automatically collects data from an unlimited amount of configured Smart Sensors and transmits the data to the cloud for […]

Industrial Training – New Classes Added!

In addition to our highly popular two-day Schematic Reading course, we have added two new one day courses. These courses offered are not sales presentations but solid training programs designed for service and maintenance personnel. Schematic Reading Our two-day course is designed to develop a hands-on understanding of Electrical Schematics. The course will cover Electrical […]

2018 ABB Rolling Road Show

This is your Invitation to: The ABB Rolling Road Show 2018 – The Drives and Controls Experience is coming to the South Suburbs! The Drives and Controls Experience is an interactive showcase featuring the products and platforms that make ABB the global benchmark in drives, controls and automation solutions. Please join us as we host the […]

Motors for the Food Processing Industry

The most critical area of a food processing plant is Zone 1, known as the High Hygiene area. Motors in this area should be rated IP69K capable of handling high pressure hot water or steam rinse.

On-Site Condition Monitoring

Downtime. Everybody needs a little downtime after putting in 40, 50, 60 hours of work during the week. What nobody needs, though, is the unexpected and unwanted downtime caused by a catastrophic failure of an important piece of equipment. You can now reduce downtime and increase your productivity with onsite condition monitoring. Many companies currently […]