Motors for the Food Processing Industry

The most critical area of a food processing plant is Zone 1, known as the High Hygiene area. Motors in this area should be rated IP69K capable of handling high pressure hot water or steam rinse.

ABB ACS380 Machinery Drive

Ideal for both machine builders looking to integrate a VFD without incurring significant cost and end users wanting to increase productivity without sacrificing performance, the ACS380 machinery drive is a robust and compact drive, with a power range from .5 to 10 HP, capable of handling a broad range of constant torque applications. The ACS380 […]

The Alternative to Stainless Steel

Sealed Surface Conversion System The industrial market has long awaited a product with a large range of standard reducers with the corrosive resistance properties of a stainless steel product without the excessive cost. In response to these demands, NORD Gear has begun utilizing an electrically catalyzed process to create a uniform case depth protective surface […]