V-Belt drives – Common Problems

Two of the most common problems that we deal with regarding belt drives are shaft breakage at the drive end bearing and failure of a motor drive end bearing. These failures are often the result v-belt over tensioning. Proper belt tensioning is critical to long bearing life as well as long belt and sheave life. Poorly […]

Prevent Downtime with Electrical Bearing Protection

In today’s energy conscious world more and more motors are being operated with variable frequency drives.  Drives provide large energy savings, reduced inrush current and precise speed control.  However, VFDs do have their drawbacks.  Chief among these drawbacks is electrical bearing damage caused by stray shaft currents.  This damage manifests itself in the form of […]

Industrial Training – New Classes Added!

In addition to our highly popular two-day Schematic Reading course, we have added two new one day courses. These courses offered are not sales presentations but solid training programs designed for service and maintenance personnel. Schematic Reading Our two-day course is designed to develop a hands-on understanding of Electrical Schematics. The course will cover Electrical […]

2018 ABB Rolling Road Show

This is your Invitation to: The ABB Rolling Road Show 2018 – The Drives and Controls Experience is coming to the South Suburbs! The Drives and Controls Experience is an interactive showcase featuring the products and platforms that make ABB the global benchmark in drives, controls and automation solutions. Please join us as we host the […]

On-Site Condition Monitoring

Downtime. Everybody needs a little downtime after putting in 40, 50, 60 hours of work during the week. What nobody needs, though, is the unexpected and unwanted downtime caused by a catastrophic failure of an important piece of equipment. You can now reduce downtime and increase your productivity with onsite condition monitoring. Many companies currently […]

Flolo Electricman has returned!

I’ve been brought out of Superhero retirement to help our current and future customers in any way I can. Since Superheroes don’t age, I still look the same as I did some 40 years ago, for those of you who may remember me. Maximum motor lead length when using AC Drives All drives are limited […]