FLOLO Essential Businesses

FLOLO is OPEN for business and here to service our community

Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order excludes companies that support industrial plants and municipalities as a distributor and as a service organization. There are various areas of the executive order we meet as being an essential business. The most obvious ones are sections 12G, 12H, 12N, and 12T.

The employees of Flolo are working hard in support of our customer base that includes municipalities’ public works groups, critical manufactures in the food and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, and HVAC contractors, to name a few. We will do what is necessary to maintain a safe work environment to support our customer base, who are important in their support of our communities and allowing them to function smoothly.

In our daily operation, we continue to apply the recommended guidelines and restrictions. This includes but is not limited to following the principle of social distancing, hand washing and using sanitizers often and disinfecting the obvious areas like doors and counters.

As I am sure we all recognize, this Covid-19 pandemic situation is fluid and as we learn more from our local and federal government agencies, adjustments may be made in the future.