ABB ACS380 Machinery Drive

Ideal for both machine builders looking to integrate a VFD without incurring significant cost and end users wanting to increase productivity without sacrificing performance, the ACS380 machinery drive is a robust and compact drive, with a power range from .5 to 10 HP, capable of handling a broad range of constant torque applications.

Application of ACS380 in the Paper Industry

The ACS380 features an intuitive control panel with an icon based menu for easy start-up and commissioning.  All essential features are built-in as standard, reducing the need for additional hardware and simplifying drive selection.

Bottling Plant
Application for the ACS380 at Bottling Plants

The machinery drives help you use only the exact amount of energy needed to run your motor.  The energy optimizer feature ensures maximum torque per ampere, reducing energy drawn from the supply.  These modular drives easily integrate into machines and automation systems in many industries, including food and beverage, material handling and plastics.  The ACS380 is ideal for applications requiring accurate speed and torque control, such as mixers, extruders, conveyors, and palletizers.

Food&Bev Photo
Food & Beverage industry application of the ACS380

The ACS380 machinery drives are members of ABB’s all-compatible drives family, designed to simplify access and operation, optimize energy efficiency, and maximize performance output.  The purchase cost of a drive is only a fraction of the cost a drive can save during its life cycle.  Energy savings are achieved with drive control providing reduced maintenance and operational costs.

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