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Mechanical Repair

Every piece of electrical and mechanical equipment repaired at Flolo is checked to make sure that all shaft, housing and bearing fits meet industry standards.  Our complete in-house machine shop is capable of making all necessary corrections as requested.

We can also provide specialty machining such as making special shafting or other items that may be required to keep a piece of equipment operating.

Mechanical Repair

  • Vertical pump motors
  • Mechanical variable speed drives
  • Gear reducers - right angle and parallel
  • Pumps - waste water, vertical turbine, split case, etc.
  • Fans and blowers Vibration analysis

Machine Shop Capabilities

  • Turning, milling, drilling and grinding
  • Horizontal boring mill.
  • Metallizing Selective plating
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Babbitting
Mechanical Repair Mechanical Pump Repair